Trial Run Meeting Script

We realize this may be your first big step in your job search where you are forced to get out of your comfort zone.  The phone may seem like it weighs 500 lbs; so we have created a Trial Run Meeting Script to help you get moving.

As we mentioned, this call is typically going to be made to people in your direct network (people that you already know) or trusted referrals from your direct network.  The goal here is to set up a meeting, so you want to share only the necessary information and focus on getting an appointment on the calendar as soon as possible into the call.  This type of call will work whether you are going to schedule a meeting in person or over the phone.


You:  Hi (Name), this is (Your name).  

Note: With some of your business and personal contacts, you may need to spark their memory as to how you know one another.  Don’t be afraid to do this if you aren’t 90% certain that they will remember who you are and how you may know one another. Periodically, we all need a memory jogger and the quicker you can do that for them the better.  You don’t want to keep them guessing.

Contact:  Hi, how are you doing?

You: I’m doing great. How are you?  

Note: Let your contact give you their pleasantries and let them share some of the latest information going on with them.

Contact:  Let them share, Let them share, Let them share

You:  Ask a couple questions that would relate to how you know this contact and further stimulate conversation. Your goal here is to have your contact talk about themselves and what’s happening before you launch into your story.  For example: When was the last time you heard from (a mutual acquaintance)?  How has business been for _______ Company?   What exciting projects have you worked on lately?

Contact:  Let your contact answer your questions and be a good listener. Note: Ideally, this will occur for a couple of minutes.  You want your contact to feel reconnected with you. This is best achieved by listening and hearing what’s been happening in their lives.

You:  That sounds great.  It’s good to hear from you and reconnect.  I’m not sure if you had heard, but I am no longer working at _________ and am currently in a job search.  Since leaving ________, I’ve spent time putting together a marketing plan and was interested in your thoughts/opinions on the plan.  Can we get together for 10-15 minutes for a cup of coffee?

Contact: Sure, I would be happy to.

You:  Great.  Do you have your calendar handy?  How about Tuesday at 2pm or Friday at 9am?

Contact: Let’s do Friday at 9am.
You: Confirm a convenient location for them and reiterate the date and time for their calendar.