In many cases, you will need to get additional contact information about people in your network.  This most likely includes an up to date work phone number.  This is relatively easy, but does require a little bit of detective work.

First, you need to determine the name of their current employer.  In many cases, you may have a contact in common with that person that will be able to assist you.  If that is the case, simply call that person and ask them where they are currently working.  If you are not this lucky, visit one of the websites we have mentioned in the past to find them; such as:,, or Google.  You can even try to track them down on a social networking site like 

Once you have the company name, you can find the main phone number by going to the company website.  Call the main number and ask to be directed to the individual.


Receptionist:  Hello, ABC Company.

You: May I please speak to name of contact.

The receptionist may connect you right away or may ask your name and the nature of your business…since you know this person, share your connection.

You:  This is____________, I used to work with _______ at XYZ Company.

Remember always be polite and respectful of these “gatekeepers.”