Looking for the right job is a stressful and lonely process.

Atlanta Jobseekers empowers men and women in transition by giving them the hope, confidence, education, and support they need for a successful search. We are a faith-based community that is open to anyone who is looking for help.

We help you find the job you've have always wanted.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with this community.
Job Search Training
We give you the tools and confidence you need to successfully land your next job.
Support & Accountability
We know how important it is to know you're not alone as you go through this important shift in your career.
Upgrade Your Skills
This is the time to upgrade your knowledge and skill set. Our team will give you the guidance to get where you need to go next.
You deserve to connect with a network of professionals to guide you through your career transition.

For anyone in the Atlanta area who has recently lost their job or looking for work, we have an amazing group for you. We are here to help men and women from all levels of management, disciplines and industry backgrounds.

For over thirty years, we have created a community of:

  • Contagious hope
  • Jobsearch support
  • Encouragement in community
  • Effective tools and training

We love helping jobseekers get what they need during this unique time in their lives.

The Atlanta Jobseekers network is supported by a group of business professionals who volunteer their time to help those in career transition.

Our commitment is to provide networking, jobsearch skills and a supportive atmosphere designed to meet your professional, emotional and spiritual needs. Our meetings and resources are complimentary. Whether you are new to the job market or deep into your search, we’re here to support you.

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From feeling lost and discouraged to on track and excited.

This is our process of getting you to the next step in your career.
Attend A Friday Meeting
Right away you'll appreciate the care, support, and information you need to start standing tall again.
Get Empowered
With the tools and training you need, you'll know where to look and where not to look. You'll start to feel ready to land a great job.
Get Hired
You'll soon find yourself in an amazing job that matches your skills and interests.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the support and training you need to make a quick transition.

You deserve to find a job that matches up with your skills and interests. Attend one of our Friday meetings right away.

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